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NX9 Consumer Unit

NX9 Consumer Unit
1. NX9 with hinged metal flap is designed for easy surface mounting for indoor installations.
2. The standard mounting rail is preassembled for mounting wide range of CHINT products.
   NX9-□: Incoming DIN-rail fitted with Switch Disconnector.
   NX9-□M: Incoming DIN-rail fitted with MCCB The outgoing DIN-rail is fitted with MCB, RCD, RCBO and Din-rail components to
   different specific requirements.
3. NX9 is designed with neutral and PE terminals for three phases circuit system.
4. NX9 is available in 6 sizes, suitable for different arrangements of components from 4 up to 20 modules.
5. Easy installation, distinct wiring zones and ample wiring space.