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LGK8 Inverter Type Plasma Cutting Machine

LGK8 Inverter Type Plasma Cutting Machine

1. It features properly optimized design layout, high inverting frequency, long load duration and energy saving.

2 With small size and light weight, it is easier to carry, especially suitable for outdoor mobile operation.

3. Compared with flame cutting machine, this cutter uses cheaper compressed air as cutting gas source, so it has the advantages of low cost and higher cutting speed.

4. Compared with the traditional cutting machine, it has the advantages of high success rate in igniting operation, high arc voltage, high concentration of energy, strong cutting ability, high cutting speed, narrow slotting, smooth cut, small deformation, etc.

5. It is able to cut sheet metals of different thicknesses for various curve requirements.

6. It supports digital display of current to make the cutting current continuously adjustable, accurate and intuitive.

7. With built-in over-heating, over-current, over-voltage, under-voltage protection circuits, safe operation is ensured.