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NJR2-D Soft Starter

     With advanced CPU control as its core technology, NJR2 series soft-starter is especially designed to control high-power thyristor modules and enable soft starting & stopping of (squirrel cage)  -phase AC asynchronous motors.
     It has optional protection functions such as overload, input phase loss, output phase loss, process over-current, process under-current, over-voltage and under-voltage.
     This product is mainly used with package control cabinet, where an AC contactor of corresponding specifications must be connected during the operation.
     With specifications covering 7.5kW 500kW (squirrel cage)  -phase AC asynchronous motors, and being extensively applied in motor transmission equipment in metallurgy, petroleum, fire control, mining, petrochemical fields, this product is an ideal substitute for those with traditional star-delta starting mode and self-coupled reduced-voltage starting mode.
     The performance indicators of this product fully comply with the standard specifications of GB14048.6-2008.