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NVF2 Inverter

   The inverter series is a new generation of self-developed, ease-to-use, and middle/high-end vector frequency inverters, which can start at a low frequency with their torques up to 150% of performance. This series features high load capacity, automatic lifting torques and custom V/F curves. The cycle time of deceleration/acceleration may automatically vary with different powers. In addition, this series boasts its in-built user-friendly CW/CCW PID controller; diversified control methods;flexible operation with multiple parameters of online supervision and adjustment function,and large ergonomics keyboard as well.
     This series  can be available in tow models of light-load and heavy-load, which can be used as a speed control device featured by strong load adaptability, stable operation and reliable performance.
     The Auto ECO Mode can maximize the power factors and electric efficiency. The products are widely applied to the electric driving and automatic control sectors like papermaking, textile, water supply, municipal engineering, food, cement, printing, fans, pump, constant torque and dyeing, rubber and plastics making machines etc.
     The products are especially designed and tested in accordance with the international standards, as well as qualified for various virtual demanding user environments. Their performance indicators fully comply with the standard specifications of GB/T12668.2, IEC61800-2.