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NJBK7 Motor Protection Relay

 NJBK7 series motor protection relay (hereinafter referred to as protector) is used to provide overload, locked rotor, phase failure, three-phase current unbalance, ground and PTC temperature protection for AC motors with a frequency of AC 50Hz, a rated insulation voltage of up to 690V and a rated operational current of 80A-800A that operate continuously or intermittently. The protector uses flexible Rogowski coil to acquire current and features wide setting current range, high accuracy and convenient installation. The protector has RS485 interface and 4mA-20mA analog transmission interface, permits network communication and can realize remote monitor and control and fault inquiry of motors by means of upper computer. The protector is genenrally used in combination with AC contactor. Standards: GB 14084.4, IEC 60947-4-1.