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CB-60 Miniature Circuit Breaker

CB-60 Miniature Circuit Breaker is suitable for use in AC 50Hz distribution circuit (of which the rated voltage is no higher than 400V, rate current not exceeding 63A, and rated short-circuit capacity no more than 6000A), also applicable in the circuit with DC voltage unipolar no higher than 110V, bipolar no more than 220V, rated current not exceeding 63A and rated short-circuit capacity up to 6000A.

The circuit breaker in the distribution circuit can help achieve overload and short-circuit protection, can also be used as a switch of non-frequent operation and switch disconnector (used for lines and equipment maintenance).

The product complies with IEC60898-1, IEC60898-2 standards, EN60898-1, EN60898-2 and EU RoHS environmental requirements, and has obtained international certifications of SEMKO, TUV, etc.