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NWKL1 Intelligent Reactive Power Compensation Controller

NWKL1 Intelligent Reactive Power Compensation Controller

It is used jointly with low-voltage shunt capacitive screen, to control the auto ON and OFF of shunt capacitor, improve the voltage quality and reduce energy losses.


·Reactive current, and composite control of power factor ensure a reliable operation under low load, thus to avoid switching oscillation.

·Real-time display of power factor and reactive current, parameter settings of current ratio, time delay, on limit, overvoltage protection threshold, and display of the operation groups.

·Automatic cycling and switching of capacitor banks and self check of loop conditions.

·With strong anti-interference capability, it can resist the single-pulse interference and 2000V group pulse interference with the common-mode voltage of 2500V, differential-mode voltage of 1000V, and frequency of 100kHz,, can also withstand 3rd, 5th and 7th harmonic interferences.

·Automatic identification of sampling polarity, eliminating the bother of non-polarized connection.

·With reactive current and power factor detection system, it can ensure accurate control in the full load range and make sure that the power factor can reach over 0.95.

·With over-voltage inverse time function, it is adaptable to the grid of high voltage.

·Able to switch over between manual operation and automatic operation modes.

·Applicable to power distribution system (rated voltage: 380V, AC 50Hz).