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HD Knife Switch

HD knife switch

HD knife switch and knife-shaped transfer switch (hereinafter referred to as the switch)  is applicable for the complete set of distribution unit with the AC frequency of 50Hz, rated current up to 380V and the rated current up to 3000A, to turn on and off the AC and DC circuit in an infrequent manner or serve as isolation switch.

Features of the product

·Central handle switch is mainly used in the power station to serve as an isolation switch. It will not cut off the  live circuit.

·Side front lever operating mechanism switches for front operation, front switchgear maintenance, operating   mechanism cabinet mounted on both sides

·Central front lever operating mechanism switch is mainly used for switchgear cabinet of frontal maintenance from   behind, and the operating mechanism is installed dead ahead.

·Switch with a side handle is mainly used in power box.

·Switch with an interrupter switch can cut off proper current load, while other series of knife switches can only   serve as isolation switch.